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be more authentically beautifully you
breathe easy
crazy cute mugs - rae dunn by magenta

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be more authentically beautifully you


Who are you?  Do you have a unique style?  An innovative take on life?  A quirky sense of humor?  Are you beautiful inside and out? 


Women have a hard time finding the confidence to put their true self out into the world....myself included.  Most people see me as a confident, creative, independent woman.  But honestly, fully expressing myself is one of my biggest challenges...and goals.

So how do we get there?  How do we expose our most authentic and beautiful self in a world full of judgement and perfectionism? 


1 - Learn to love yourself!

The hardest part of being your amazing self, is worrying about what other people think.  But what do you think?  Your opinion is the only one that matters!  Time to do some soul searching and learn to accept yourself exactly as you are.

There are a million resources out there in the form of books, blogs and coaching.  Some of my favorite inspirations are Danielle LaPorte, Laura Hames Franklin and Elizabeth Gilbert.  The key is to get started taking self-loving action.


2 - Practice!

You have to put in the effort.  You have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

And most importantly, praise yourself everyday for every tiny step! 


A few ideas...

Talk to strangers at the coffee shop or grocery store.  You have absolutely nothing to lose by being 100% your weird loveable self!


• Step up your Style game!  Once a week, put on an outfit that you absolutely LOVE but are too scared to wear in public. 

Whatever you do...OWN IT!

Put on heels and bright red lipstick to walk the dog.  Or do the opposite and go shopping with your hair in a pony and wearing no make-up at all.  OWN IT!


Invest in yourself!  Take dance classes that feel way out of your league.  (This one is on my list!)  Take singing lessons, learn a new language, hire a fashion or interior stylist, go see your favorite inspirational speaker at a live event. 

These actions all inspire confidence!

And YOU are SO worth it!! 

I hired a fashion stylist when I first moved to NYC and it was the best money I ever spent!  This experience is the inspiration behind hue 13!


3 - Find your tribe.

You'll soon realize that people are too worried about themselves to criticize your every move.  And if they don't like it?  So what?! 

Someone else loves [that] about you!

These people are your tribe.  They are the people who make you realize you're not crazy...that your weird is good...that you are damn awesome exactly as you are, and they 100% support you in your dreams.

Most likely you'll find them when taking action in step 2 above!

To quote Jim Rohn, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”  Choose wisely because self-loving people inspire self-love...and vice versa.  Definitely include your amazing self as one of the 5!


4 - Surround yourself with everything there is to love about you! (including your quirks & flaws)

Invest in creating a living space that's inspired by your true authentic self.  One that is not only beautiful and functional…but inspires self-love, happiness, and healthy living.

It's therapy for your soul!

This is SO powerful!  Because, just as with people, WHAT we surround ourselves with, seeps into our being as we grow and evolve.

This is not about being materialistic or having pretty's about how you FEEL every day!  Loving your space when it's a reflection of you = self love. (see step 1)

It's like living inside an affirmation that you are amazing, loveable, and beautiful.

It's a safe place to be totally you (which equals hours and hours of practice - see step 2).

You'll feel supported, seen, and fully expressed everyday. (see step 3)

This is why I love interior design and helping you to create your very own haven.  It's my job to create a space in which you are seen, supported and loved.

And seeing yourself in this honest and beautiful way rubs off on you everyday.  Living surrounded by your gorgeous authentic self...YOU START TO BELIEVE IN YOU! 


[ healthy haven ]

breathe easy

You probably figure that if your home smells good, the air must be clean and safe, right?  Nope!  It’s most definitely not!

Studies show that indoor air is even more polluted than outdoor air!  Synthetic materials like your shower curtain (made of PVC), rugs and clothing off-gas all kinds of nasty chemicals into the air. 



Most store bought cleaners and air fresheners are crazy toxic.  Then add in allergens like pet dander and dust.  Yuck!

There is a solution!  I recommend a good quality HEPA air filter, especially if you have any level of allergies.  You will be amazed at the difference.  You won’t have to dust as often either!  If you want something stylish looking as well as effective, do your research. 

Here are my top 3:
Coway AP-1512HH
Rabbit Air MinusA2
Dyson Pure Cool

[ favorite finds ]

crazy cute mugs - rae dunn by magenta

My friend Laura Hames Franklin has a major mug obsession...well, she's apparently contagious!  I came across the rae dunn 'CREATE' mug after she broke hers.  She was SO excited!!

Needless to say, I fell in love with these mugs too and bought several for myself.  You know when a mug just feels cozy in your hands?  Ya, it's like that!  I love them so much that I think they'd make a fun addition to the hue 13 shop!  Keep a look out for them in May!