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7 blissful benefits of hiring a designer
diy miracle hair spritzer

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7 blissful benefits of hiring a designer


Shortly after moving to New York City in 2010, I realized that I desperately needed to hire a clothing stylist. 


I was sick of looking like a broke student in her 20's (and I'm definitely not in my twenties), but I didn't know where to start. 


I wanted to be taken seriously but still express my artistic creative side, which is far from stuffy corporate.

(FYI :  you can expect to see me in jeans at all times)


It was an awesome experience!  She helped me clear out all of the old crap from my closet, got really clear on my style, and then took me shopping (love!). 


And bonus, I learned so much from working with her a few times that I can now shop for myself.   What used to frustrate me is now one of my favorite challenges.

this is the inspiration behind hue 13.

I'm here to help you get out of your own way, discover who you are stylistically, teach you what to look for, and put it all together in an amazing living space that you absolutely love. 


I know hiring a professional can be intimidating.  I remember being scared to death dropping that much cash, but let me tell you it's SO worth it!  (investing in yourself always is)

Still not convinced? 


Here are 7 blissful benefits to hiring an interior designer.



1  |  grand vision.  If you can imagine your dream apartment down to the very last detail, then I say go for it!  But the truth is that most people don't even know where to begin, which is how I felt about my closet. 

Interior Designers are trained professionals who have an innate talent for seeing the big picture when they walk in a room. 

They understand color, composition and function the same way a mechanic knows how to fix an engine. 

And bonus, a good designer will be able to show you that vision through drawings and images.


2  |  time savings.  If you don't enjoy spending hour after hour searching online and in stores for the perfect sofa, then you need to hire a designer.  Because that's what we do for each and every item that goes into your space.  Just rinse and repeat!

Do we enjoy this part of the process?  Of course!!  Why else would we do it?  But know that it's very time consuming even for those of us who know where to look.


3  |  organization.  I won't lie, redesigning your space is a big messy project.  But lucky for you, designers know how to keep the chaos to a minimum. 

They know how to best implement each phase of the project so that you're not hanging curtains before you paint the walls. 

Just this simple knowledge will save you TONS of time and painful headaches!


4  |  attention to detail.  When a designer starts on your project, they measure every last inch of your living space, make note of every light fixture, wall plug and appliance. 

We measure over and over to make sure that there are no mistakes.  (of course nobody's perfect, mistakes do happen, but we'll do our best to avoid them) 

We make sure the sofa will fit into the elevator and through your front door. 

We carry paint swatches with us everywhere we go to make sure your new duvet works magically with your new rug.

We check and double check item numbers and descriptions to make sure you get that amazing modern red chair, instead of the blue one by accident. 

It's our job to pay attention to a whirlwind of details so that you don't have to. 


5  |  money savings.  Interior designers are blessed by receiving discounts at many retailers.  Many designers don't pass on this discount...but I do!  What's the point of hiring a designer if you don't get the perks?

Also, see #4 above.  Less mistakes equals less money spent.  It pays to get it right the first time!


6  |  bliss vs. stress.  After reading all of the above, you can probably guess that hiring an interior designer will save you a lot of sleepless nights stressing over paint swatches and dining tables.

But here's a little secret:  listen to what your designer has to say and TRUST her.  The more people you ask for opinions, the more stressed and confused you will become. 

We're here to make the hard decisions for you, so you can bask in stylish bliss when it's all over.  (remember that grand vision in #1)


7  |  professional network.  I'm sure you've heard the horror stories of contractors gone bad.  Let us weed out the crazies so you don't have to.  Now that's a perk!

So unless you're a professional DIY'er, you'll need a fabulous team of contractors, tradespeople and handymen.

We'll refer you to the professionals that we trust most to produce quality results.  We want to see things done right because your home is our creative masterpiece. 

And more than anything, we want you to be happy.



[ healthy haven ]


In a spray bottle mix together :

8oz Sole water

10 drops Tea Tree oil

10 drops Lemongrass

10 drops Roman Chamomile

shake well & spritz!


diy miracle hair spritzer

Thanks to my lovely friend, Laura Hames Franklin, I made an amazing discovery.

Laura wrote a wonderful blog post on how to stay hydrated this Summer.  {read it here!}  In tip #2, she introduces us to Sole water, which is water saturated with high quality, mineral rich, Pink Himalayan Salt. 

It reminded me that my hair always feels really good after swimming in the salty ocean, and it made me wonder...

I had been struggling to replace my Bumble and Bumble hair tonic with something non-toxic.  Nothing else seemed to do the job...until now!

I mixed up a jar of Sole, added a few essential oils for extra moisture and voila!  I spritz it on when my hair is wet and it stays beautifully straight in the humidity, is soft, healthy and shiny.  (you can also use it for that beachy textured look)

Thank you Laura love!  {get the details at Laura's blog!}



[ favorite finds ]


If you follow me on know I have a bit of a clock obsession { if not, click here to join the party! }.  It's a lifelong love affair, but I rarely find a clock I truly lust over. 

I recently, miraculously found 3 amazing clocks to add to my kitchen wall...and they completed my design vision beautifully.

I love this one from Ikea!  Modern and graphic with a touch of industrial flare.   >>>   Sippra wall clock  $16.99