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how to ease the overwhelm of moving
lighting for lovely spaces
bold + functional : Flor carpet tiles

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how to ease the overwhelm of moving

I have to admit, I'm somewhat of an expert mover.  At one point I moved 12 times in 5 years!  I've pulled a U-haul trailer to Missouri and then back the next year. 

Most recently, I moved from Portland to New York City - back to Portland - and then returned to NYC 6 months later.

It's not that I like to move...although I do LOVE putting a new space together.  (click here if you need help with this!)

Moving is stressful and takes over your life for a big, chaotic, chunk of time.  Some have compared moving to the stress of going through a divorce!  Yikes! 

Beyond moving A LOT and under many diverse circumstances, I am extremely prone to being organized, which of course adds to my moving expertise.  So yes, I'm saying you should definitely trust me and listen to my words of hard earned wisdom.

In light of moving to Brooklyn a few weeks ago, I'm giving you my moving secrets in hopes that they will ease the overwhelm of your next move.


1 - I'm going put this up front and with huge emphasis...MAKE SELF CARE A PRIORITY!  Moving is going to take over your life for the next month or so.  Don't let it ruin your health and happiness during that time.

Try to keep your routine as normal as possible.  Eat right, get plenty of sleep and take time to relax, even with the packing deadline creeping ever closer.  Do this and you'll have more energy and a clearer mind as you wade through the stress of it all.


2 - When apartment hunting, have all needed paperwork (3 copies) with you at all times.  In NYC you'll need at least the following: proof of income (most likely a letter of employment), last 2 month's worth of pay stubs, last 2 year's taxes, and current bank statements. 

Expect spur of the moment apartment viewings because it's highly competitive here and you want to get there first!  The girl who viewed my last apartment 30 minutes after me didn't get it because I was already submitting my paperwork.


3 - If possible (and it may not be), try to negotiate your move in date so that you have a few extra days to fully move out of your old apartment.  You'll need to clean, patch any holes in the wall from screws, and possibly schedule a walk through. 

Doing all of this on moving day is a bit too much, so give yourself a little extra time, even if it means paying a few extra days of rent. Or get it all done before moving day!


4 - Before you get bogged down in the packing process, make a list of all the address changes that need to be made after your move, starting with the Post Office (you can do this one prior to the move).  I find that going through my internet bookmarks and bank statements is a great way to jog my memory.


5 - Definitely use movers if you live in a major city like NYC.  It's so way beyond worth the money!  Especially if you live in a walk-up. 

Find a moving company via referral from friends or family.  That extra bit of trust in the people handling all of your belongings goes a long way toward feeling calm, cool and collected on a stressful day.


6 - Stock up on packing supplies.  You'll save a TON of money by raiding the cardboard recycling area of your current building on a daily basis.  I didn't buy a single box on my last move!

But do buy packing tape in bulk, a big roll of bubble wrap, and 1-2 rolls of stretch wrap (my new favorite discovery).


7 - Try to pack according to area of your home (kitchen, bedroom, bathroom).  But more importantly, number each box and create a list that tells you what's in each numbered box.  It may feel like an extra step, but it will save you SO MUCH time and headache as you're unpacking!


8 - Pack your kitchen last.  Plan out your last few days of meals so that you're moving with minimal food.  You can precook or plan meals that take less prep so you can pack your pots and pans.  It also makes life easier to use paper plates and plastic utensils those last few days so that there's no last minute packing of dishes.


9 - Moving into a new space doesn't mean spending a ton of money to create a whole new look.  Use and re-purpose items you already have. 

For example, my kitchen counter/drawers from Ikea became my TV stand and dresser.  And the framed art I had in three different places in my last apartment now create one giant, lovely art wall.

Simply add some new art and accessories to freshen up your style. 


If knowing what to do with your new space is a challenge, I can ABSOLUTELY help you create a haven out of your new home.  Take a look at how I can help you...there's sure to be a fit for your financial and styling needs.  Click here to learn more!



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lighting for lovely spaces

Many New York apartments have this one thing in common...a depressing lack of natural light!  Living without enough light can be frustrating.  It lowers your mood, hurts your eyes and makes day to day tasks difficult.  But luckily there are a few things you can do! 


1 - Change out your light bulbs from coated to clear in your ceiling mounted light fixtures. 

2 - Hang some gorgeous plug-in pendant lights from a ceiling hook where it's most needed. 

3 - Add task lighting to work spaces like your desk and kitchen.  Ikea has some great under-counter lighting options for your kitchen!

4 - Create mood lighting with bedside lamps, strings of holiday or outdoor lighting, and decorative glowing floor or table lamps.

5 - In desperate situations, buy new ceiling lights and have them installed by an electrician.  Of course, always get permission from your landlord for changes like this.  Store away the original lights and put them back when you move out.


[ favorite finds ]

bold + functional : Flor tiles

A great way to add a bold burst of personality and a bit of comfort to your space is an area rug.  But living in small, oddly shaped NYC apartments can make this a challenge. 

With Flor tiles you get to design the size, shape and style of your rug.  Carpet tiles are more durable than your usual carpet, and each square can be washed or replaced individually (awesome if you have pets!).  They are also easy to move and re-configure in a new space. 


Check out Flor color and style options here!  Definitely go to your local Flor store or order samples to see your top 3 in person before you commit, just like you would with paint samples.  - Cheers!