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7 blissfully chic remedies for living in small spaces
the joy of decluttering
the hue 13 shop is open!

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How much do you LOVE macaroons!  They're totally chic and amazingly yummy.  I always wonder...

How do they get so much gorgeous style, flavor, and pure bliss into something so small?

After reading this blog, your friends could be asking you the same question about your tiny apartment!  So grab yourself a sweet treat and enjoy...


7 Blissfully Chic Remedies for Living in Small Spaces


1 |  think "up!"  Finding space for all of your stuff can seem like a daunting task in 300 square feet.  {the size of my NYC apartment!}

Well, stop looking at the floor because your walls contain a whole new world of possibilities.  You can turn an entire wall into fabulous eye candy that doubles or triples your storage space...with shelving, cabinets and stunning wardrobes.

Ikea is a master at this!  Take a look at their PAX and BESTA series for a million and one ways to add beautiful storage to your tiny haven.  Bonus - they'll deliver everything to your 5th floor walk up!

The photo below is my NYC apartment.  All of the furniture and shelving on the right side is from Ikea...4 floor to almost-ceiling wardrobes create an amazing amount of storage! 

TIP : Choose mirrored doors to keep the space feeling open, light and airy.

My kitchen had zero counter space, so I created a kitchenette by adding drawers to Ikea's KALLAX shelving unit and legs to make it counter height.  To create the counter top, I attached bamboo cutting boards, also from Ikea. 

Simple, stylish, and extremely functional.


2 |  raise the roof.  Ok, not literally, but definitely visually.  It doesn’t take much to create the illusion of higher ceilings and spaciousness.

Hang curtains and window shades as high as possible.  It takes the eye up, making the ceiling feel taller.

Integrate tall furniture like bookshelves.  This also takes the eye up and creates the illusion of more vertical space.  My personal favorite are the TESSO bookshelves from CB2.  They’re gorgeous and elegantly tall!  {featured in image below}

Paint your ceiling!  {as seen in the above photos}  Choose a lighter color like grey for low ceilings or go dramatic with bold colors if you have dreamy high ceilings.


3 |  color.  Nothing can bring bliss to a space more simply than a coat of paint!  A single accent wall can make a room feel comfortable and inviting.  Find a color you love and go for it!     

Need some inspiration?  Here are 6 simple steps to the perfect color palette.


4 |  de-clutter.  In all honesty, most people have way too much stuff they don't need.  De-cluttering properly is one of the most life-changing things you can do, for your mind, body, soul...and sanity.

In the "healthy haven" section below, I'll give you my secret weapon for creating de-cluttered bliss.


5 |  proportion.  If you want a room to feel larger, use furniture that is proportional to the space it’s in.  Over-sized furniture will make your space look even smaller! 

Many companies make furniture with small spaces in mind.  I already mentioned my favorite go-to stores for modern, studio appropriate sized furnishings...CB2 and Ikea.


6 |  multi-purpose.  Make the most of what you have by creatively multi-tasking your furniture.

Your desk may double as a dining table or entertainment stand with your computer as your TV.  A day bed can be your sofa and sleeper. 

Use the same chair at your desk and dining table so you can entertain easily with less furniture. 


7 |  hire a stylist.  You don’t need a fortune to have a space you love.  And hiring a designer doesn’t have to cost you your life savings.

If you are overwhelmed by redesigning your tiny space, I offer an inexpensive, one easy step at a time solution for my fellow New Yorkers.

The 3 hour Haven Upgrade.  {click here for details}

Whether you need support sorting through furniture options, deciding on paint colors, or organizing your closet, I’m all yours for three lovely hours.



[ healthy haven ]

the joy of decluttering

Most people have WAY more stuff than they really need.  Believe it or not, all that excess "stuff" is adding stress to your already stressful life.  Seeing it daily, subconsciously (or quite consciously for some of us) it's all having a negative impact on your life, health and happiness.  So what to do? 

 Declutter the heck out of your space! 
But to do it right with sustainable results, you need the right guidance.

I consider myself an expert at purging, but this woman has blown me away with her KonMari method of tidying and organizing.

I introduce to you Marie Kondo and her book "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up:  The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing".

I highly recommend you read it and take self-loving decluttering action to create your healthy haven.



[ favorite finds ]

the hue 13 shop is open!

I've been teasing you on Instagram and Facebook with sneak peaks of my online shop.  And I'm happy to announce that it's finally here!

Having a home decor store of my own has always been a dream of mine.  I hope you are inspired by my designs and love them as much as I do.  They are a taste of my modern style and passion for creative expression.

I'm starting with Crystal Havens and will be adding artwork and accessories.  Enjoy!