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Steaming cups of tea, rainy day movie marathons, and hiding under the covers...mmmmmm...sounds cozy!


Speaking of comfy covers, do you love yours?

Even as a designer, styling a bed can be a headache.  It's a classic case of too many options and infinite design possibilities.  To give you some direction, I put together an easy to follow Bed Styling Guide. There are no hard-fast rules, so think of this guide as a base to build from.


[ click to download your bed styling guide ]


I know the design process can be overwhelming, so to help you stir up even more creativity, I've created a Pinterest board chocked full of beautiful bedding ideas and where to buy them.  (TJ Maxx and Homegoods are always a great place to start!)



And of course you want the best when creating your cozy sleep nest!  Goose down pillows and feather filled comforters?  Not if they make you sneeze!  Check out the allergen alternatives below and happy snoozing!


affordable allergen alternatives:

IKEA :  [comforters]   [pillows]

West Elm :  [duvet & pillow inserts]   [throw pillows]

CB2:  [pillows]   [throw pillows - sq]   [throw pillows - rec]