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from depressing rental to stylishly yours
cozy sick day kit
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from depressing rental to stylishly yours

Let's have a talk about your tiny rental apartment.  Yes it's temporary and yes it's a glorified closet...but it's home, at least for now.  I say there's no point in coming home to a depressing space when you have the power to make it something beautiful and nourishing!  No more excuses!

It's time to make that shoe box of an apartment, super stylish and fiercely yours!

The trick is finding non-permanent, non-rule breaking, easily changeable, personalize-able, highly stylish ways to upgrade your space.  Think of it like a year-round Halloween costume for your apartment!

So here we go!  Are you ready to take action?!

I'm giving you 4 ways to turn that plain Jane apartment into your very own lovely haven.  


1 - Paint

Painting may seem like the opposite of what you should be doing in a rental apartment, but you'd be surprised. 

Talk to your landlord to find out what is allowed and what isn't. 

If you have "builder beige" walls (my personal pet peeve) or some other muddy color, find out if you can paint the place white or some other neutral without having to paint it back when you move out. 

If so, awesome!  If you're stuck with it?  No worries, keep reading!  We can still offset some of the awful.

If you have bright white walls, congratulations!  You have a lovely blank canvas to work with! 

Consider adding an accent wall or two. 

Yes, you may be required to return it to it's original color when you move out, but painting one wall is an easy task...and an accent wall can make a huge impact!

Click here for help choosing the perfect color palette. >>


2 - Soft Surfaces

And by that I mean anything soft, squishy, cozy and cuddly.  Upholstered furniture like sofas and chairs, bedding, curtains, throw pillows, blankets and rugs.

You have full control over these items! 

If you're feeling bold, purchase that sofa in a hue that sings to you. (the perfect opportunity to get out of your comfort zone!)  Or keep the sofa neutral and go super stylish with throw pillows galore.

Throw down a gorgeous area rug to soften up the space.  Yes, even over that ugly carpet that came with the place. It will provide much needed texture and color and add tons of personality.  Here's another place where you can go wild with huge style!

If you're in a tiny studio, your bedding can make a huge impact and inspire the whole room.  Drape your bed in layers of cozy colors and textures. 

Styling a bed is a bit of an art form, so feel free to use the links below to get informed and inspired.

Free Bed Styling guide >>

Bed Styling Pinterest board >>


3 - Mood Lighting

Think of lighting like a beautiful statement necklace, or a pair of sparkly earrings. 

Lighting dresses up a room and sets the mood.

You probably can't change the ceiling lights...but you can add a stunning floor lamp or two. 

And don't forget some stylish sconces above the bed.  Drape some twinkle lights across your window or headboard.  You can even hang a cool chandelier in the corner over a cozy chair. 

NOTE: Choose light fixtures that can plug into the wall.

Get more lighting ideas and advice here >>

Lighting inspiration on Pinterest >>


4 - Accents

Oversized art, stacks of books on a table (or that become a table), quirky statues, glamorous trays filled with treasures, beautiful baskets to hide your stuff, yummy candles that create a soft glow, agate bookends and quartz crystals, ticking clocks and colorful knick knacks...I could go on and on. 

Accents are the soul of a room, because they are little pieces of you. 

These are items that you've collected through out your journey of life, or that you were unexplainably drawn to when browsing thru Home Goods. 

They are 'things' you love and bring feelings of happiness to your day.  They can be deeply special, or have no significance at all except that you like them. Either way...

They add light to your life and your living space.



[ healthy haven ]

cozy sick day kit

As I'm sitting here writing this, I'm battling a miserable head cold - UGH!  I found myself, 3 days ago, running around collecting everything I'd need before I was too sick to get out of bed. 

To save you from that same fate, I'm giving you with my sick day kit...a list of everything you'll need to be as comfy + cared for as possible while you heal. 

• soft kleenex

• organic ginger + lemon + raw honey for tea

• natural cough drops

• 1 oz of coconut oil mixed with your favorite germ fighting essential oils to rub on your feet and chest...this works wonders!  (I use Fighting 5)

• easy to prepare food and munchies

• you're favorite movies and books nearby

• a cuddly + cozy blanket to stay warm


[ design crush ]

diy pipe light fixtures

I have a grey Capiz chandelier from West Elm that I just love!  It's been converted from a hard-wire fixture to a plug-in pendant over the years as I've moved apartments.

My next plan is to turn it into a floor lamp made with plumbing pipe.  (I promise to blog about the process!)  I think the industrial pipe next to the natural sheen of the Capiz will be stunning!

Researching ideas on Pinterest led me to my current design crush!  DIY pipe light fixtures.  I couldn't pick just one, so head over to Pinterest, browse my 'lighting love' board, and do a search to discover your very own DIY lighting design crush!