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the art of creating inspiration

I'll be honest...I had zero desire to write this blog.  I had a list of topics to choose from, and none of them inspired me. 

Usually, I'll sit down, think about it for a few minutes and I'll get that lovely, deep, internal feeling of "YES" when I've found what I'm inspired to share with you.

Nope, not this time.  But then I had an AH-HA moment!  Because sometimes that wall your hitting your head against is the answer itself. 

Not feeling inspired was my inspiration!

What is inspiration?  Synonyms include - enthusiasm, incentive, insight, vision, and motivation. 

For me it's a feeling in my body, in my energy.  It's an energetic "yes" that has a feeling of pull and desire.  It's like whatever I'm inspired to do / write / create wants to pour out of me.

What if the feeling of inspiration is missing?

I know personally and as a creative, if I'm not feeling that inner inspired push...then I'm not going to create my best work.  It's going to feel / sound / look forced. 

Lack of inspiration is a message from your intuition and inner self.

It's telling you to shake things up...try a different approach...see through fresh eyes...or to scrap everything and start from scratch (every creative's nightmare AND miracle!)

Feeling stuck is as much a part of the creative process as feeling inspired!

The trick is to find ways to shift your creative flow and energy.  Sitting at your desk, staring at your computer screen won't inspire anything... except maybe a headache! 

So in celebration of feeling uninspired, I'm sharing with you what I do when I've lost my creative mojo, in hopes that I can help you find yours.


1 | Me Time -

We push and push and push to be productive and meet our goals.  But one thing I've FINALLY learned (and have to constantly remind myself), is that taking some down time for myself is JUST as important as all the work I put in! 

Take a nap, paint your toenails, read a book.  It doesn't matter as long it's self-loving, relaxing and rejuvenating.


2 | Change of Scenery -

Many people need time out in nature to find inspiration.  I personally find the city extremely inspiring!  But what really does it for me is the juxtaposition of the two. 

Beautifully designed bridges and old brick warehouses lined with trees and grassy lots.  Relaxing by the river on a gorgeous, sunny day while in awe of the Manhattan skyline.  This is why I love Brooklyn!  It's my inspiration happy place.


3 | Dance! -

Get up and move!  Feel your muscles, twirl, twerk, leap...whatever gets you out of your head and into your body.  Go for a run, take a bike ride, lift weights, make love.  It doesn't matter as long as it feels good and gets you moving.


4 | Shopping -

Shopping is an enormous source of inspiration for me!  It gets me excited about design and into a creative mindset.  I love to wander around Home Goods and simply notice what colors and textures and shapes I'm lured to.  You can design an entire room around one simply beautiful item!


5 | Play the What If Game -

"What if I make it this color?"  "What if I move it to the opposite end of the room?"  "What if I throw in something from a completely different style?"  What if - what if - what if...

The goal of the What If game is to shake up your mindset, to try ideas that make no sense and are way out of your norm.  Just get crazy!  "What if I throw a bright red sofa into a room of subdued blue and gray?"  Guess just might be the punch of inspiration you were looking for!


6 | Let it Simmer -

Sometimes you just need to give your creation some time and space.  Let it simmer while you go do life.  So many people say the best ideas come to them in the shower, while they're driving or having dinner with a friend.

I've found that if I let go and wait, life will throw me hints.  And soon, I'm full blown inspired again! 



[ healthy haven ]

crystal love...

More like crystal obsession!  Have you noticed them popping up in interior decor stores like West Elm and Home Goods?

It's because they're gorgeous!  They bring the beauty of nature into our homes in a way nothing else can.

Crystals carry incredibly healing energetic properties. 

They each have their own unique vibration that can benefit our lives and create a happy, healthy haven.

You may consider the notion of "healing crystals" to be over the top and completely 'woo woo'.  And that's fine!

All I can say is - try it! 

Find a crystal that draws you in with it's beauty, color or sparkle, and place it in your home.

You may find yourself deep in crystal-love!

In the Shop you'll find my crystal-inspired creations. 

A modern, simple and stylish approach to bringing the beauty of crystals into your haven.

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[ design crush ]

hudson and kings

I've been walking past the Williamsburg Artists & Fleas Market for over a month and FINALLY went inside.  So happy I did!

If you've never been, definitely check it out >>

It's where I came across my new Brooklyn Design Crush...Hudson & Kings!

Brooklyn inspired throw pillows with edgy embossing and full-on Brooklyn swag.  I'm completely in love!

See them all here! >>