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infuse more love into your living space
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infuse more love into your living space

I want you to think about your all-time favorite pair of jeans.  The ones that fit your butt perfectly, are super comfortable, totally your style and create an instant confidence boost throughout your day.  Feels amazing right?

Now imagine if your living space had the same effect on your life...every. single. day.  A cozy and comfortable apartment that fits your day to day routine.  A home infused with your unique style and personality.  Your spirit lifted every time you walk in the door.

Transforming your living space into a haven…one that is beautiful + functional + inspires happiness and healthy living, is an AMAZING form of self-love. 

It's a love that you so deserve and can have each and every day.  Here are 4 easy ways you can infuse love into your living space and your life...


1 - Add comforting, nurturing, cozy elements to your space like soft furry throw pillows and blankets.  You'll feel completely loved and cared for, wrapped up in softness.  [ see my favorite finds below! ]

2 - Create tons of loving energy by using Feng Shui in the love & relationships area of your home.  You'll be building a more loving relationship with yourself as well as attracting that dreamy hunk.  Learn how here >>

3 - Kon Mari your closet!  Opening your closet to only the clothes you absolutely love is a life-altering experience of clarity and bliss.  One you have to experience to fully understand.  Learn how here >>

4 - Add fresh cut flowers or a gorgeous plant to liven up your space.  Just remember to replace flowers as soon as they start to wilt.  (you don't want wilty energy in your haven)  I've written all about easy to keep plants here >>


These are just a few simple ways you can add more love into your life today!  I would love to hear more ideas and all about your self-loving haven transformation in the comments below! 



[ healthy haven ]

silky skin secret

We all want soft, silky, young, glowing skin.  But have you considered that your beauty products are doing more harm than good? 

You use them everyday, and everyday your body absorbs 60% of what you put on your skin, including all of the toxic ingredients you can't pronounce, or find in nature.

So what's the secret to healthy, glowing skin?

organic.  virgin.  coconut oil.

I added coconut oil into my beauty routine years ago and I've never looked back. Its possibilities are endless and it makes your skin silky smooth without all of those toxic chemicals.  You'll also end up saving a ton of money!




here are just a few ways to use coconut oil

• skip the lotion and apply coconut oil all over your body straight out of the shower

• use it as a shaving cream

• smooth it under your eyes to prevent and reduce wrinkles or use it as a serum under your favorite eye cream

• makes a great eye make-up remover (even waterproof mascara!)

• apply lightly to your face year round (coconut oil has natural SPF)

• great for chapped lips and cold sores (coconut oil is naturally antimicrobial, anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiviral)

Remember, anytime you make a change for the better, your body will go through a period of detox, which could mean skin breakouts.  Drink lots of water and trust that you're giving your skin the love it needs.



[ favorite finds ]

mongolian lamb pillow covers

If you've ever been to my apartment, you know that I absolutely LOVE super soft and furry pillows, throws and blankets!  They make my apartment feel cozy and inviting.  Especially since my personal design style is very modern, which can feel cold if you don't add elements and color to warm it up.  Here's the perfect solution!

Mongolian Lamb pillow covers by West Elm.  I'm swooning over these beautifully bold colors!  Shop them all here >>