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nourishing essentials for small space living


Ahhhh, New York City living!  Where studio apartments are glorified closets, and your closet is the size of a shoe box.  Where the word "small" is an understatement.

So why do we do it?  Because this city is an amazing playground of opportunity and adventure! 

The trick is to create a comfy and supportive living space where you can go to unwind and recharge.  You deserve to WANT to come home.

I've talked about small space living in a past blog post...

7 Blissfully Chic Remedies for Living in Small Spaces

...but this time I want to focus on the small details vs. space planning and storage ideas. 

I'm talking about simple changes you can make to help you feel nourished and energetically replenished by your big city haven.


1 | Light - It's very likely that your bathroom has the only window in your entire apartment...or your windows face a brick wall. 

Whatever the crazy New York City scenario, not having enough light in your living space can negatively affect your mood, energy and productivity.

Learn how to create the light filled oasis you're craving here: 

Lighting for Lovely Spaces


2 | Color - The most nourishing, mood supporting, creativity inspiring change you can make to your tiny apartment is to add gorgeous color! 

One accent wall, a couple colorful throw pillows, some vibrant art on the walls, subdued tones in your doesn't matter as long as it makes you feel good. 

Here are 6 Simple Steps to the Perfect Color Palette.


3 | Nature -  The reason you'll find every New Yorker in Central Park on a nice day is because we need nature to feel grounded and relaxed. 

You obviously can't have a park in your apartment, but one or two plants can have an amazingly positive impact on your stress level...and they make beautiful accessories!

Easy to Keep Plants for Urban Living


4 | Crystals - Crystals are another way to bring nature into your space in a powerful way.  I'm sure you've noticed them everywhere from West Elm to Anthropologie. 

They each have their own energetic personalities, so do a little research on different crystals to find the benefits you desire. 

Because of my personal love of crystals (or possibly a healthy obsession) I've created a beautiful, modern way to enjoy and display crystals in your haven.  Take a look in the shop.


5 | Comfort - Create a comfortable and inviting space with warm textures.  Think faux fur throw blankets, cow hide rugs and flannel sheets.  It's amazing what a little softness can do. 

6 | Inviting Solutions - For many of you, your bedroom is your living room AND your office AND your dining room.  So how do you have dinner parties or a romantic night in for two? 

Get creative!  Add a kitchen island or desk that doubles as a dinner table.  Bean bags and oversized throw pillows can be a fun, easy and stylish sofa alternative. 

I personally use trays from CB2, turning my bed into an entertaining space for eating dinner while watching TV.  And they store easily on top of the fridge! 


If you have more ideas for creating a nourishing haven in this crazy city, please share in the comments.  And if you loved this post, share it with your friends on social media!  [links at bottom of page]


[ healthy haven ]

toxin-free haven recipes

Over the last two years I've introduced you to a variety of non-toxic substitutes for products you find yourself using everyday. 


Because taking care of your home and body should create health and vibrant living...not the toxicity caused by so many chemicals these days. 

Below is a list of links to all the recipes I love and have shared with you on the blog so far.  Enjoy!

• beautifying face & body wash

• gentle eye makeup remover

• miracle hair spritzer

• non-toxic haven cleaner

• my silky skin secret


[ favorite finds ]


Yep!  This is a shameless plug for the hue 13 shop!  It's where I share all my decor obsessions and creations. 

This month I've added a select few Rae Dunn mugs (my newest obsession) along with more beautiful accessories for your haven.  Let's go shopping!

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