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the IKEA reality

Let's be "real"...there's nothing glamorous about IKEA.  It's an overwhelming, chaotic mess of an experience for most people (although it doesn't have to be), and the quality can be on the low end.

According to many interior designers, IKEA has no place in "real" design.  Let's talk about that word "real" for a moment...

"Real" New Yorkers who live in "really" small apartments, living on a "real life" budget.  This is who I design for.

"Real" people who want to LOVE their living space.  Tiny apartments in need of clever storage and affordable solutions. 

This is why, as a designer, I use IKEA in my "real life" design work.  My clients are ready to upgrade their lives by creating a beautiful haven to come home to...and they're on a budget! 


let's talk about quality

The one thing IKEA does really well is create the opportunity for people without a lot of money to furnish their homes in a way that feels good.  Yes, in order to accomplish this level of affordability, the quality of the products can be quite low.

So what about those wanting a high end designer look on a mid-range budget? 

This is where I've learned where to spend and where to splurge!  IKEA does certain pieces really well and those pieces can fill the tight financial gaps in your design. 


( All of the storage in the above photo is from IKEA! )

let's talk strategy

Splurge on a high quality sofa that you will have for many years, but save money by using IKEA pieces for storage, like your entertainment stand or bookshelves.  (Think $7000 built-ins vs. $700 at IKEA.)

Splurge on a high quality mattress or bed frame for your bedroom, but save money with an IKEA wardrobe to create TONS of storage with gorgeous, modern door fronts.

Splurge on stunning, one-of-a-kind lighting by a local artist, but get the most bang for your buck with a vibrant IKEA area rug.  (area rugs can be one of the most expensive pieces in your design!)

Not everything in your space needs to be high end to create a high end look...and to function beautifully.  You simply need someone who knows how to put it all together.



[ healthy haven ]

allergen alternatives

As allergy season hits, I'm reminded of how important it is to carefully choose the materials in your home...because sneezing is not sexy!


Here are a few places you can find allergen alternatives that won't break your budget, and will let you snooze in comfortable style.


CB2  {throw pillows - sq}   {throw pillows - rec}

IKEA    {comforters}   {pillows}


[ design crush ]

my Quadra design crush

Some of you may get annoyed by sponsored ads on Instagram...but I find the coolest discoveries that way!

Like the Quadra sofa sectional @Article

I love - love - love it's chunky edging and its modular design!  Not to mention, it's really well priced.  Article will be my new go-to for affordable mid-century modern and contemporary pieces.