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soul deep design

Have you ever been told that having beautiful things is materialistic and a bad thing?  That it's shallow...surface level?  As an Interior Designer, Haven Stylist, and lover of all things beautiful, I have to strongly disagree!  (and I know I'm not the only one)


3 Soul Deep Reasons to Beautify Your Haven

1 - It feels good!  Because really...isn't that the whole point?  You get to choose the state of emotion you wake up to everyday. 

Your abode can be depressing or uplifting, chaotic or calming, lonely or loving, boring or a beautiful expression of self. 

And trust me, the one you choose affects your quality life on every level...because you live in it. 

Spend 10 minutes sardined on a crowded subway and you're instantly miserable.  Spend 10 minutes at a lovely spa and you become calm and uplifted.  Can you feel the difference?


2 - The chicken vs. egg effect.  At surface level, a gorgeous room may appear just that...surface level.  Materialistic.  But where did all that beauty come from?  What inspired it?  You did!

My inspiration for a room is everything that is my amazing client. 

Their personality, their dreams, favorite past times, colors that nourish them, styles that inspire them, quirky details that unapologetically honor exactly who they are.  It's all a loving expression of their true self.  Does that sound shallow to you? 

Haven Styling is about going within and bringing the beauty out to be seen and celebrated.


3 - Inspires self love.  (the egg...or chicken)  You know how when learning a new language, you learn it more fully and quickly when immersing yourself in that culture?  The same goes for living the fullest expression of who you are.

Most of us are scared to let our true colors show.  We don't yet have the confidence to walk out into the world and say "this is me, take it or leave it...I love it!"  That's because we aren't living it ourselves, even behind closed doors. 

When you live in a space inspired by the true beautiful you, it infuses within you the confidence to shine.

In the same way that your favorite outfit creates a confidence boost, your living space can build a strong and loving sense of self and acceptance in your life.



[ healthy haven ]

salty style

You may know that I have a "healthy" obsession with crystals and stones.  Well, I started noticing salt lamps alongside the crystal decor items while shopping, and curiosity struck.

So I did a little research.  Because of the negative ions that Salt lamps emit when lit, they are claimed by many to have some amazing health benefits such as purifying the air, calming allergy and asthma symptoms, lowering stress + lifting your mood, improving sleep, and neutralizing electromagnetic radiation from electronics.

If even one of those is true, I'm in!  And if not, I still love their beautifully cozy glow.  I personally don't like the look of the lamps...but Salt votive candle holders are stylishly lovely and a perfect accent piece for your haven.


[ design crush ]

LifePlanner love

If I had the time, I would design my very own yearly planner, from front to back and every detail in between.  But until then, I've found the next best thing and it's my new design crush!  LOVE!!

Erin Condren lets you create your own LifePlanner with beautiful cover options you can personalize, two color schemes to choose from and multiple lovely layout options. (That's mine over there >>)

Check it out!