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my rules of transformation

Every Summer I fly to Portland, OR to choreograph Gymnastics floor routines for awesome little athletes.  It's fun, exciting and oh so rewarding to create movement that expresses who they are stylistically as a gymnast AND a person. 

I start each choreography session getting to know a little about the athlete and telling them how I work. 


I have 4 simple rules for them to follow to create the best possible outcome for our time together.

If you think about it...choreographing floor routines is quite similar to styling a room.  You take the essence of a unique person and present it beautifully for the world to see.

That's why my 4 rules for taking a gymnast to their next level of expressive movement are the same as transforming a room with my amazing Interior Styling clients!

So, if you're thinking about working with me in the future, here's what you can expect...


1 - Communication.  If you don't like something, then absolutely tell me!  I won't be upset with fact, I want to know!

I want you to love and enjoy what I create for you, because you are the one who will be living in it.


2 - Be Open!  In other words...don't knock it til you try it.  I may have some crazy out-of-the-box idea, or suggest a color you'd never imagine in your space...but until you see my vision clearly, be open to the idea.  Once you've given it a fair chance, you are welcome to say no. 

(see #1 above)


3 - Step out of your comfort zone.  Or as I tell the little gymnasts, "be willing to look stupid with me as we try new things". 

This process is all about taking chances and evolving you and your life to the next level.  That means trying new things and pushing yourself to get a little uncomfortable.

The creative process usually starts off awkward and unrefined.  As you evolve your ideas and flow with the changes, it becomes something beautiful!


4 - Get Creative!  Share your ideas with me!  I want your creativity infused into the design of your space. 

What better way to make a space truly you-inspired than to have you as part of the creative process?!

You'll have small assignments and answer lots of questions throughout our time designing your haven...because it's all about YOU!



[ healthy haven ]

healthy vs. quality
paint choices

Painting a room creates the most amazing transformations.  But what about the process of painting?  How do we make it a healthy yet efficient experience with a quality outcome?

Because people are now much more aware of toxic chemicals affecting their health, the paint industry has created Low VOC and Zero VOC products.

VOC's...or Volatile Organic Compounds...are the toxic fumes you breath in while (and after) painting.

Of course, your first inclination is to choose the Zero VOC paint because toxic fumes.  And I wish that were the overall best choice.

Here's a rare situation where I compromise when it comes to the healthiest choice vs. the most efficient and long lasting results.

I recommend that you choose a Low VOC paint for your next project.

You'll benefit from lowered exposure to toxins AND get much better coverage from your paint.


[ design crush ]

throw pillow obsession

You may have noticed over the last 6 months or so that I've been design crushing on throw pillows like crazy! 

Maybe it's because they're a super easy, super changeable, inexpensive and a fun way to transform the vibe of a room.

So here's my latest throw pillow obsession.  It's shimmery, silky soft, and my favorite shade of grey!

WEST ELM : Cotton Luster Velvet Pillow Cover - Slate $29