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discover your style with Pinterest
easy to keep plants for urban living
sexy shelving by CB2


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discover your style with Pinterest


Pinterest is a phenomenal tool I use with all of my design clients.  Not only can you create a beautifully visual collection of products and ideas...you're also saving a ton of time and energy. 


Pinterest tracks each image back to it's origin, which means easy access to information like where to buy, price, color options and dimensions.  When shopping for furniture and accessorize...this is heavenly!

Use the magic of Pinterest to discover your style by following these steps!

If you're a bit resistant and haven't created a Pinterest account...do it NOW.  You can Google this step and learn the basics of how to use the site.


Create a new board and name it whatever you'd like.  If you don't want others to see your collection, create a Private Board. 


The initial brainstorm :  browse images to Pin to your board using the Pinterest search bar. 

Only Pin images that you love and make you FEEL amazing.

Get creative with your search words or simply search "Interior Design" to see a mix of styles and images.



Once you've collected a bunch of images, you'll start to notice some consistencies.

These are important!  Ask your self the following questions while looking at your Pinterest board, and write down the answers.


1.  What colors are you drawn to?  Are they warm or cool?

2.  What neutrals are you drawn to?  Black, white and grays?  Or earthy brown and cream?

3.  Do you tend toward light and bright rooms, or dark and sultry?  Are the colors you chose bright or subdued?

4.  Have you chosen mostly clean, straight lines, or soft organic shapes?

5.  Are you attracted to lots of texture and patterns, or simple and smooth surfaces?

6.  Are the furniture, lighting and fabrics in the images mostly from one style, or a mixture?  Modern, industrial, shabby chic, etc?


Using this list, go through your style board again and delete the images that don't mesh with the words your wrote down.


Now you have a collection of images that represent your personal style!  Refer to this board when you need help deciding what to buy for your space.

If it would feel good on this Pinterest board, then you're on the right track to designing within your style.

Happy Pinning!

P.S.  Want to fully hone in on your design style with the professional eye of a Stylist?  Consider doing a hue 13 Style Intensive.


[ healthy haven ]

easy to keep plants
for urban living


If you're a New Yorker, you truly understand how vital Central Park is to city living.  Nature brings a feeling of zen and relaxation that nothing else can for urban dwellers.

Adding plants to your apartment is the next best thing to a stroll in the park.  And with your crazy schedule, I know you need options that are easy and stress free.

With that in mind, here are my top 3 easy to keep plants for urban living.


1.  Money Trees - Known to be lucky in bringing good fortune to their owners, they are also very easy to care for.  Saturate the soil with water whenever it has fully dried out...usually every other week.  They like to have direct sunlight at least some of the time and do great in a window. 


2.  Lucky Bamboo - Not only are they lucky, they simply feel Zen-like.  Bonus...no soil needed!  Find a vase and use decorative rocks to hold the bamboo upright, add water, and you’re done!  Make sure they have a decent amount of indirect sunlight. 


3.  Succulents - These little gems come in a variety of shapes.  Get creative with hanging terrariums, decorative sand and crystals.  The trick with succulents is to not over-water them.  Forgetting can actually be a good thing!


Tip - Save money and buy your plants at the local farmer’s market. 

Also, watch out for plants that are poisonous to your pets!  For example, Lily’s and Aloe plants are toxic to cats.  Always do your research!


[ favorite finds ]

sexy shelving by CB2

What can possibly be more sexy than shiny chrome and glass! 

These wall mounted bookshelves are one of my all time favorite pieces of functional furniture.  Clean, modern, and damn sexy.

Tesso Bookshelves  $299