Hey there, Lovely.

As a fellow urban dweller, let me tell you that renting a tiny apartment doesn’t have to be all white walls and barely-there storage space. In fact, it’s a beautiful opportunity to leave your mark. A blank canvas to create something cozy, you-inspired, and straight up enviable.

Because we truly need [and deserve] a haven.  An oasis away from the bright lights and crazy energy of the city.  A retreat after a super stressful day at the office.  A place to build loving relationships and tune into creative inclinations.

It’s the dreamy reality you’ve been wanting to create for yourself.  But there’s something getting in the way.  Could be: overwhelm, lack of clarity, and a strong aversion to spending hours in Ikea. Or budget concerns.

I totally get it! And I’m here to offer my expertise so you don’t wind up with a headache or unnecessary deficit in your bank account.

Hue 13 is an Interior Design studio that specializes in transforming your tiny living space into a haven…one that is not only beautiful and functional…but inspires self-love, happiness, and healthy living.


A Little About Me

Ever since I was a kid, rearranging my room was almost a daily occurrence; I loved figuring out how to make space uber functional and filled with personality.

So, it made sense for me to pursue a degree in Interior Design at Oregon State University. (Fun fact: I received a full athletic scholarship to join their Gymnastics Team - Go Beavs!).

Yet, somewhere in the middle of my college career, I found myself drawn to Graphic Design. There was something about the digital realm that pulled at my creative curiosity.

After much deliberation and what felt like a breakup, I switched majors and dove into the world of Graphic Design for nearly 10 years post-undergrad.

In that time, my designer’s eye was teased out, refined, and elevated. Graphic Design sharpened my extreme attention to detail and revealed my unique creative process; something that inspired me to reconnect with my soul deep love for Interior Design.

As I considered where this next phase of life would take me, New York City became my obsession. I decided to pursue my dream career in my dream city!

An acceptance letter and a cross-country move later, I was knee-deep in design boards at the New York School of Interior Design.

After working in the industry as a bonafide Interior Designer for multiple design firms and architects, I knew it was high time I opened my own design studio; one that made modern design available to city dwellers wanting to live in a space they love, without spending a ridiculous amount of cash.


Noteworthy Facts

Degree from the New York School of Interior Design

Bachelors of Fine Arts [Graphic Design], Oregon State University

Two-Time All-American Gymnast • 3-time Academic All-American

Gymnastics Coach and Choreographer


<< photography of Lara by the amazing and multi-talented Blair Badenhop >>