[ the fine print ]



  • Rescheduling? Life happens, so if you have an emergency you can absolutely contact me a minimum of 24 hours before a meeting to reschedule at no charge. And if, by chance, you’re seriously unlucky and have multiple emergencies? You can reschedule each additional time at a small $25 fee.


  • I take all payments up front and in full because it establishes a mutual trust and commitment to the project.  And once it's done we can focus on the fun stuff! 


  • I don’t offer refunds because I put hours and hours of love, creativity, and hard work into each project, none of which is returnable or replaceable. Your design project is a mutual (that’s both you and I) commitment and investment in creating a design that will benefit you beautifully for years to come.  I only take on a limited number of clients at a time to give each individual the attention they deserve, therefore each available time slot is super valuable to myself and future clients.